Fishing for Light

a new satire by Nathaniel Sewell

Fishing for Light by Nathaniel Sewell tells an incredibly entertaining tale that is full of quirky characters and grandiose schemes.
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Epigenetic science behind Bobby’s Socks

If anyone is curious about the science behind Bobby's Socks, I think the article linked from McGill University might be a worthy read. From Bobby's Socks, the strands of yarn to create the socks was the metaphor for DNA. The picture of the helical strand triggered me to title the novel, Bobby's Socks. If we carry the idea further, each pair of socks are different as in each human beings genetic code is slightly different from another. And that is why the title is in the possessive, as in, Continue Reading

Kickstarter – We are Live! I need your help, I am asking for your contribution to our mission and vision to make Bobby's Socks into a film. If we get the film made, we will follow through with our workbooks, and our sock company! If you like what we are doing, contribute, if you cannot afford to contribute, tell a friend who might be able to help us. Thank you, Robert Pen Name - Nathaniel Sewell Continue Reading

Bobby’s Socks – Film My producer friend in Hollywood, who happened to get his MBA with my wife, thought Bobby's Socks would set up as a solid cause oriented film.  I know he has significant experience, financial skills and understands the film making process. I spent a great deal of time adapting the story into a script, and I think it works. Of course, the only issues that remained were my willingness to take a deep breath and help him generate Continue Reading

World Cup Soccer v. Day Time TV

Typically, I rarely watched, or noticed daytime television, as in what the Boob-Tube offered for entertainment after the lunch time news, and let me say before 6 pm. I was working. I had a productive life. If you are over the age of 40, you’ll understand what bunny-ears means, but fancier ears, and you’ll understand I was scanning the network stations for the USA versus Belgium – World Cup soccer match. And yes, it sucked, but then game on, and then, oh well - but that's life. ;( See you in 4 Continue Reading

Mothers, Fathers and Facebook Friends

    Did Pink Petunia's picture cause you to smile? I think being alive, right now, at this very moment in history has magical, wonderful and terrifying qualities. But then again, other than being zapped from a drone laser beam, when in recorded history has some portion of humanity not gathered at Stonehenge certain that God was about to return at the exact moment of the winter or summer solstice, or some supreme being (evil or good) was about to alter their lives and they Continue Reading


If you happen to watch, listen or read the news, pick your own distribution channel, I recommend many options because it seems each has their own ‘bent’ on curving reality. Most of my life I was under the illusion that journalists sought facts, and reported these facts back to the general public as news, news that impacted their lives, and chronicled life on earth for future generations. I think in reality, the term ‘optics’ seems to be a better method to describe the news. If you listen Continue Reading

Aspire – Be a Dictator!

For those that hate to read the entire story, that would be most of you, being a DICTATOR does not end well. In fact, I might recommend reading Shakespeare’s, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. Or for a recent example, simply search for the story of that crazy kid, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. If you remember the phrase, “et tu Brute?” which loosely translated from Shakespeare-ish-Latin, means, “come on man, that stings, and Brutus? What’s up with this dude? Look at this bloody mess, I just had my toga Continue Reading

Mother’s Love

Time had smoothed over the once deep scar in the ground with green grass, fragrant flowers and random weeds, but you knelt down, expressed a silent prayer and firmly placed your hands on warm mother earth. As you closely inspected you discovered that the wound remained hidden in the soil, the cracks and gaps had been washed with rain and sewn back together but the wound remained. With the constant motion from day to night to day the living age forward, but the cycling of the seasons cannot move Continue Reading

Ask The Man Who Drinks It Black – He’ll Tell You?

“He’ll tell you?” I’ll answer that question. If you take a look at the picture pasted to this blog post, if you are under the age of 40 you might not know where this comes from. It is from the top of an old coffee tin for the now defunct, Butter-Nut Coffee Company that was based in Omaha, Nebraska. The front of the coffee tin has a syntax issue: “The Coffee Delicious”, but I’ll let several smart aleck comments waft away into the Texas haze. This product comes from a time before the ubiquitous Continue Reading

“Be Ye Kind, One to Another …”

I think being KIND is the hardest life lesson I have learned. Why? Because I have a rather sharp edged wit, and a nasty temper I keep hidden. I had to learn kindness the old fashioned way. Obviously, the title to this blog post comes from a Biblical source, Ephesians 4:32. I chuckled after I realized from where the phrase comes from because it was a constant statement my minister grandfather and grandmother would repeat to me, and advise me to remember. “Don’t let the world get you, be ye kind, Continue Reading