Fishing for Light

a new satire by Nathaniel Sewell

Fishing for Light by Nathaniel Sewell tells an incredibly entertaining tale that is full of quirky characters and grandiose schemes.
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Sex Crazed Teacher – NY Post

Sex Crazed Teacher - NY Post Unfortunately, the NY Post article about a predatory teacher has become passé. These sort of stories are regularly bubbling up from the nasty sex abuse world. However, I think the article does provide an interesting window into school administration. If I were a parent, the article would cause me to demand an audience with my school administration, and I'd want to know Continue Reading

I Marvel

I ceased the run, I knew it was the best my middle-age body could do, It was my routine to keep my pasty-white body thin, It was just what I do, Or, was I just fooling myself, What do you do? In reality, does the exertion just keep us sane? I do not know, But I'll try to maintain, And then I felt a rhythmic cadence from my heart beat pulsing into my moist thumb print, That I’m still here, I’m alive, Alive, At least, the best I could feel, Oh well, Weird, that they tell me my Continue Reading

The Adventures of Pink Petunia – #4 – Bacon!

As you can see, I loved the Pinky Bone, and believe me it was an amazing thing to gnaw on. BUT, this might be the shortest lesson I can share. It is quite simple, straight forward and I can express this magic in a single word - BACON! The author dude gave me a lot of bacon today, and he scratched me behind the ears. It seems his 'aluminum-matter' won a foot ball game? I don't know what that means, and what's a foot? I have paws. But after I engorged myself with this magical delicacy, I Continue Reading

The Adventures of Pink Petunia – Lesson #3 – The Pinky Bone

I think this is my best lesson to date, and even though it is only #3, I think it is the lesson that should be remembered - daily!  Perhaps it was from the late evening glow that the idea, thought, concept, or a deceptively simple habit embraced me.  It seems so simple, Pink Petunia, a lady of leisure, well, that night I even got a Akaushi Beef bone from my royal subjects. They NEVER give me bones, as in, never, ever, ever ... It had to be a special occasion, because they rarely leave me to Continue Reading

My Sister at 50

50 years old? Funny idea, it seems so casual to express your age at the DMV before they digitally mash your fingerprints, and then they coldly snap your candid jailhouse photo with your eyelids half-shut, that hopefully does not end up on the evening news. But, like the day you were born, or the moment you will die - they are specific dates to your life’s journey. I wonder at what point in our life we stopped expressing our age in months or halves, as in, "I'm 5 and 1/2 or, I'm 7 and 3 months." Continue Reading


  Have you ever tak'en to runnin’ across a thick grass field at dusk? To sprint alone unaware there ain’t no ever, no end, The fall leaves they be a turnin’, but I’m a child so I’m not aware, Summer fireflies they long be gone, but the scent of cattle hay rolled into thick bales now be ready for the winter barn, As I chase that yellow sun settin’ at the evenin’ point, I chase it ‘till I have no more air in my maturing lungs, And I wonder, But then I fall into the Continue Reading

The Adventures of Pink Petunia – Lesson #2 – The Doctor Visit

I am fortunate the author dude, you know the silly looking bow tie wearing human to the right – he keeps my busy calendar well organized. As I have a great deal of daily activities, napping under his desk, snoring, breakfast, dinner, treats, treats and more treats, the regular belly rub or belly scratch, my constitutional walks, then playing with my rope, and of course the grooming sessions to brush my thick fur. I am first and foremost, a lady. But I’m also a guard dog, I am a fierce hunter Continue Reading

National Dog Day: The Adventures of Pink Petunia – Lesson #1 – A Woman’s Shoes

Hi! I’m Pinky. I'm a guard dog. I'm a fierce hunter! Woof! Sorry, Pinky is my owner’s nickname for me.  I should let you know up front, I actually own them, but they just don’t know it. I allow them to live in the fantasy world that they are in charge; it’s good for their self-esteem, and it helps me to get what I want. What do I want? Treats! Treats! Treats! And Belly Rubs ... It’s not their fault that they're weak minded - telling me they love me. I’m not sure what that means, as I’m Continue Reading


I have felt the embrace from pure evil. It waited. It lurked. It was not a warm embrace, but a starkly cold whisper that chilled my spirit. It rarely appeared as a whole, preferring to nibble at the soul’s edges until there was nothing left for it to feed. The bones had been bleached white. It whispered final instructions, and then disappeared. But then the sun came up. Without the bright light from the choice to seek love and happiness, darkness grows; it grows, it billows charred black Continue Reading

Under A Kind Willow Tree

I wrote this poem a long time ago imaging an older man sleeping on a couch. It is a Sunday afternoon, winter and from a time when the Sunday newspaper was full of news, opinion and the like that you looked forward to reading from beginning to end, and typically had your fingertips glossed with dark ink. I had a friend express that it was a useful poem for them to explain how they felt. It is my attempt to explain 'what is going on' behind the eyeballs of someone who has been abused, bullied Continue Reading